Vertically Integrated Real Estate Development


Blue Ridge Atlantic is a vertically integrated real estate development firm that specializes in new construction, acquisition/substantial rehabilitation, master planning, asset management, and construction throughout the southeast. Focusing on affordable housing for families, America’s workforce, and seniors, we believe in offering class A properties and amenities at rates that afford our residents the opportunity to focus on building better lives. At Blue Ridge Atlantic we leverage community relationships to offer resident services that make our developments synonymous with the community.

The company utilizes P3 (public-private-partnerships) to invest in communities working to solve the affordable housing shortage we know today. Specializing in tax exempt bonds, the low-income housing tax credit program, other local, state, and federal funds, as well as added various funding sources, Blue Ridge Atlantic offers creative financing solutions to provide for the most efficient leveraging of our properties. We offer insightful communities with one goal in mind: to enhance the lives of our residents while delivering stable investments for our partners. This is accomplished through strategic partnerships that value the same social, economic, thoughtfully programmed and sustainable design features upon which the company was founded. This combination of elements is what affords us the opportunity to offer residents our unwavering commitment to enhancing lives.

Modern apartment buildings in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.
Affordable Housing


Federal and Local governments continue to struggle to address the nationwide affordable housing crisis. Our earnest hope at Blue Ridge Atlantic is that our company can bring its effort, resources, experiences, and smarts to each housing opportunity that presents itself and build communities that reinforce the meaning of “Home”.

Leadership vs Stewardship

Many companies will talk about Leadership; however, we focus on stewardship. Stewardship is the decision to service the project above individual needs. Businesses need to be profitable, but it is also entrusted that a successful business will consider the well-being of the community, environment and social obligations to make the community we serve stronger. If this trait is excluded, we have a narrow-minded purpose that inspires no one. This evokes neither passion nor commitment which is a formula for failure.

New multi-family block with balconies and bright facade decorated with wood paneling.


We believe in being honest and forthcoming with our knowledge and due diligence exercises. Accountability is not solely delivering on our commitments to our clients; it is the tool to exceed our client’s expectations allowing our partners to find comfort within a complex process.


Collaboration is essential in almost all aspects of life and work. Nearly every imaginable function in our lives entails a joint effort by members of a team or community. Working collaboratively cultivates a partnership with our clients and community: Our clients are our partners. We strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners. Our ideas are only as strong as our thoughts, experience and perspectives. Together, we are stronger. We’ve built and maintained a collaborative culture through recognition of, and respect for, the contribution of all collaborators. The groups goals are placed above personal satisfaction or recognition. The group is stronger and more insightful than the individual.


Opportunities for creative thought vary from obvious to highly skilled. Innovation requires lateral thinking and the ability to identify details that are not obvious. It is not just about the details of the project, we also need to consider what details are not immediately available. We are creative problem solvers. We will find new solutions rather than identifying barriers. We will bring a fresh perspective to our partners.



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