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Why Choose Blue Ridge Atlantic?

Federal and Local governments continue to struggle to address the nationwide affordable housing crisis. Our earnest hope at Blue Ridge Atlantic is that our company can bring its effort, resources, experiences, and smarts to each housing opportunity that presents itself and build communities that reinforce the meaning of “Home”.


Chris Eisenzimmer


Chris Eisenzimmer is the President of Blue Ridge Atlantic Development.

Jerry Sappington

Director Construction Management

Mr. Sappington joined the Blue Ridge Atlantic in 2021 with experience in development.

John Maddox

Director of Development

John Maddox joined Blue Ridge Atlantic in 2023 as a Director of Development.

Len Brannen

Advisory Member

Over the past 35 years, as President and sole shareholder of Shelter Resources, Inc.

Mark Fitzpatrick joined SRI in March 2021 as the Chief Financial Officer.

Ruben Esqueda

Vice President of Development

Ruben Esqueda is the Vice President of Development for Blue Ridge Atlantic.

Sam Weldon

Director of Development

Sam Weldon is the Director of Development of Blue Ridge Atlantic Development.